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Interreligiöse Konferenz Europäischer Theologinnen

Iketh-Board wishes Pesachpraise and Easterjoy and Blessings!

Passover and Easter is deeply connected - not only because it was Pesach when Jesus came to death, in both feasts we celebrate the transformation from slavery and death to freedom and life. We praise G*d for redemption of all sorts of oppressions.
But it is not the selfish joy about being on to the “right” or “better” side, about being brought to freedom out of slavery, to life out of death. The Tora reminds us that we were strangers in Egypt and that we shall not continue in any form of oppression. The death of Jesus reminds us that he was strange to the world, which was not able to accept love.

The Haggadah also binds redemption and still being slaved in various ways together. It introduces the story of Exodus with “This year we are slaves. Next year may we all be free” and seder closes with the wish “Next year in Jerusalem”. We are still not accomplished and waiting in desire for fullness of life, which is shalom and salam.

And as we are called to celebrate freedom and life every year we are reminded not to forget that we all where slaves and oppressed and that therefore we are not allowed to forget those who still live in oppression and those who still try to flee it and fight for freedom, for water, for food, for equal rights, for live. And also, the death of Jesus is narrated to remember that we should not life in the graves of our injuries and “sins” but believe in freedom and life.

Therefore, when we celebrate Pesach or Easter we remember our own bondage and Jesus’ death in order to open our houses, minds and hearts for those who still want to escape slavery and death structures.
We praise God for bringing us to freedom and life in order to let both grow in and around us.

Iketh shares the concerns of the Women’s marches and joins the wishes of the recent march in Washington D.C!

More than 500.000 participants marched for Women’s rights, which are severely endangered by politics of ethnic, religious, sexual and other exclusions as well as arrogant ethnocentric and androcentric thoughts.

We will fight for our hopes, stronger and more intensively for a diverse, peaceful and caring together!

Read more: www.womensmarch.com >>

Dear Members of IKETH,

IKETh is primarily sharing experiences, endeavours, faith and religious practises as well as desires for and visions of good live as individuals and as (faith-)communities.
Attentive listening and telling own stories, sharing thoughts and ideas about our contribution to a peaceful living together as faithful or in any sense religious women.

IKETh is based on a countenance of mutual respect and compassion for the other being strange or being familiar in order to build up traces of a good convivence of religions in Europe.
– This is how I met IKETh.

To succeed in this, we have to act and understand ourselves as learning from each other to understand what is happening in our societies. Conferences, where we share time, experiences and thoughts are valuable opportunities for these concerns.
It is our responsibility to strengthen our ability to be connected in trustful, respectful, authentic, openminded and openhearted diversity and compassionate listening to each other.
To connect all Europe we should continue inviting and involving women from South- and East- Europe and from all religions and religious traditions.
Fund raising to maintain participation for as many interested women as possible, will be a continuing challenge.

I am Roman Catholic Theologian, biblical scholar, embossed by feminist theology, and since years curious on and dedicated in interfaith dialogue, member of EPIL, professor at a University of education in Salzburg/Austria.

Ursula Rapp

The IKETH Board
Ursula Rapp, Martina Heinrichs,
Naida Huskanovic and Anne-Maria Van Hilst
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