IKETH annual conference with AGM 2011

Bad Boll 8-10 July 2011

Xenophobia and Islamophobia in Europe:

"How Christian, Muslim and Jewish Women Take Responsibility for Change"
Exclusion and hostile feelings against social groups that are identified as foreigners are to be found in many European societies. Often people are excluded because of visible characteristics such as skin colour or clothing.
The debates on headscarf and the burqa ban in several European countries have motivated the members of IKETH, the Interreligious Conference of European Women Theologians, to address xenophobia and Islamophobia as our conference topic this year. We explore the connection with misogyny.  We are convinced that we can contribute to change this behavior patterns in our respective contexts.  

Therefore, we ask with our speakers from the three religions:
Where do sacred texts and religious traditions construct definitions of the self and the stranger and thereby contribute to socially excluding attitudes?

Which theological sources within the three religions can be used by feminist and gender-based theologians to create alternative concepts? How can we promote such concepts in our own practice?

How can we share and use this potential and which visions for our future in Europe's multi-religious societies can we derivate from them?
The conference serves European theologians and pedagogues working in churches and religious communities, in educational and social institutions as well as voluntary active women with an interest in interreligious and intercultural dialogue  in theological discourse and collegial exchange with spiritual experience-sharing and other informal contacts.

Welcome to the IKETH annual conference in the Protestant Academy Bad Boll!

Susanne Wolf                                             Rabbi Lee Wax
Sr. Catherine Gibson Aysel Kurt
Dr. Reinhild Traitler
"How Christian, Muslim and Jewish Women Take
Responsibility for Change"

38 women came together in Bad Boll this year, to discuss the topic and plan projects for changing perceptions in our own communities.
We had lectures and workshops with Sabine Plontz, Lamya Kaddor and Bea Wyler. We heard of good practice projects and were inspired by what is already going on in Europe: the Sarah-Hagar project, the Interreligious Think Tank Switzerland, EPIL (European Project for Interreligious Learning) and the Interreligious Women's Network in Baden. 
As always, it was inspiring to be together and we all left with projects to start in our own contexts.

The full conference report will be available on the website in a few weeks, together with transcripts of the lectures and more photos.

Rabbi Bea Wyler, Lamya Kaddor and Dr. Sabine Plonz
took part in the conference in Bad Boll.  
Photo: Katja Korf

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