PROGRAMME IKETH annual conference 2016
Annual Conference 2016
Orthodox Academy of Crete,
Kolympari, Crete
23 - 27 September 2016

"On the Move"
Over the past twelve months hundreds of thousands of people have been on the move, men, women, unaccompanied children, escaping from situations of brutal war and persecutions. Thousands welcomed them in Europe and helped in empathetic and generous ways.
But as the massive flow of refugees did not stop, problems began to surface: A fear of local populations to be “overrun”; a fear that terrorists may be hiding among the large numbers of refugees; a fear that current developments may play into the hands of right wing movements and parties in Europe.

Where are we one year later? What were the experiences of women, on the way, after their arrival? How did refugees and hosts deal with the new situation? How far did religion play a role? And how do our respective religious traditions sustain us in our efforts to keep Europe as a space where human rights and dignity are respected.
Join us in Greece to explore these issues!
The Board of IKETH

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Friday September 23, 2016
  Arrivals at the airports Chania or Heraklion
20:00 Dinner
21:00 Welcome and introduction
to the theme, getting to know each other
Kabalat Shabbat , Anne-Maria van Hilst
Saturday, September 24, 2016
08:30 Morning meditation
09:00 Telling our stories
- Dorothee Vakalis  and women from  Thessaloniki
- Liska Bernet, Lesbos
- Ivana Gabalova, Amsterdam
- Sara Rajic, Belgrade
11:30 World-Café  - sharing experiences
13:30 Lunch
16:00 On strangers and hospitality”
Reading our holy scriptures
3 phases of working groups
Jewish approach: Anne-Maria van Hilst
Muslim approach: Naida Huskanovic
Christian approach: Ursula Rapp
Havdala - Anne-Maria van Hilst
20:00 Dinner
Sunday, September 25, 2016
08:30 Morning meditation
Martina Heinrichs
09.00 Excursion to Castelli
Encounters with Greek women/projects with refugees
Monday, September 26, 2016
08:30 Morning meditation
Naida Huskanovic
“Women welcoming refugees” 
09:00 To what extent do religions play a role in the present refugees´ situation? In migration?
Lecture by Regina Polak, Vienna
10:00 Responses by
Katerina Karkala-Zorba, Chania
Zilka Spahic-Siljak, Sarajevo
11:30 Group work
12:30 General discussion in plenary
13:30 Lunch
15:00 Annual General Meeting
of IKETH e.V.
17:30 Fears in the hosting communities:
“Protecting our culture, our values, our women!”  or:  
"Women claiming their rights and self-determination
What does that mean for the debate on gender based violence?
Round Table with inputs  by:
Rabeya Müller, Cologne,
Rosanna Anholt, Amsterdam, Reinhild Traitler, Zürich
followed by discussion
20:00 Dinner and Open Evening
- Closing of the conference and evening meditation 
- Blessing for the trip back home
Susanne Wolf and Reinhild Traitler
Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Please note: programme  changes may be possible!
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The Orthodox Academy of Crete outside Chania.

Reinhild Traitler, chair, Martina Heinrichs, Naida Huskanovic and Susanne Wolf

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