IKETh has the following GOALS:
  • to discover the spiritual dimension of interconfessional and interreligious encounters

  • to reflect on commonalities and differences in hermeneutical positions

  • to form a community of solidarity for the equality of women theologians in all fields and at all levels

  • to connect theological scholarship and ministry agt community level in theory and practice

  • to contribute to peace in Europe through furthering interreligious understanding.
  To further these goals, IKETh
   endeavours to:

  • network with associations of women theologians in various countries and to encourage them to join in working toward the goals of IKETh

  • invite the co-operation of individual women theologians

  • seek means of collaboration with other European feminist, religious and political organisations

  • approach organisations and individuals who are willing to contribute to reaching these goals and to provide financial support

  • initiate and organize European conferences.
WHO can become a member of IKETh?

Women theologians of all faiths who work or wish to
work in the religious institutions of their respective
faiths and who support the goals of IKETh are invited
to become members.

In the initial phase, however, we are mainly Christian, Jewish and Muslim.

Individuals as well as organisations can become members of IKETh.

Membership application form >>
Annual membership fees:

For Individuals      30 €
For Organisations 60 €
IBAN: DE59 6005 0101 0002 9218 95


As IKETh is financed solely through membership fees and donations, we gratefully accept donations.
Our bank account can be found here >>

IKETh Board
Ursula Rapp, President, Austria
Drs. Martina Heinrichs, treasurer, Netherlands 
Naida Huskanovic, Bosnia and Herzegowina
Anne-Maria Van Hilst, The Netherlands