Ruth Illman
Art and Belief. Artists Engaged in Interreligious Dialogue
London: Equinox Publications, 2012

Art and Belief explores communication between faiths through an examination of contemporary artistic practice. The book discusses how a range of artists - all active in this field - formulate their worldview and what motivates them to engage in dialogue. The artists interviewed include Jordi Savall, Susanne Levin, Marita Liulia, Chokri Mensi, Cecilia Parsberg, and Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. Together, these artists are engaged in a wide range of artistic forms and practice and come to dialogue from diverse religious positions. The aim of the book is to question the assumption of interreligious dialogue as a largely intellectual exercise in defining the religious "other" and to explore dialogue as a manifestation of interpersonal ethics.

1. Interreligious Dialogue in a Changing World 2. Reflexive Religiosities and Complex Otherness 3. A Creative Perspective on Interreligious Dialogue 4. A Dialogue of Souls: Jordi Savall 5. Exploring Estrangement: Susanne Levin 6. Only the Idea of Snow is White: Marita Liulia 7. When Language is Not Enough: Chokri Mensi 8. Beauty is a Hole in the Wall: Cecilia Parsberg 9. Inhabiting a Mystery: Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt 10. Conclusions: The Art of Dialogue Notes Bibliography

"Art and Belief is an illuminating book on the important role that contemporary artists play in creating bridges across religious differences. Writing with huge generosity and impressive philosophical knowledge, Ruth Illman orchestrates a beautiful and unforgettable symphony of hopeful dialogues, which we need more than ever in a time of fear and uncertainty."

Ruth Behar
University of Michigan