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"Interreligious Think-Tank" (ITT)

Founded at the end of November 2008 by the Muslim scholar of Islamic Sciences Amira Hafner-Al Jabaji, the Jewish Feminist theologian Gabrielle Girau Pieck, and the Christian Feminist theologian Doris Strahm, the "Interreligious Think-Tank" (ITT) is an institutionally independent alliance of Jewish, Muslim and Christian women experts in the field of interreligious dialogue in Switzerland.
As an independent alliance it wants to bring people’s voices from outside the religious institutions and especially the voices of women into the public realm, which are hardly heard or recognized in interreligious and religious-political debates. Its aim is to foster religious freedom and to prevent any form of fundamentalism, xenophobia and Islamophobia in Switzerland.

The current eight members (July 2011) of the ITT reflect their practice of dialogue, bring women’s perspectives and gender issues into the debates on religion and society, publish statements and critical analysis relating to the religious-political debates, especially on behalf of Islam (debates on minarets and the burqa ban, on Islam and women's right etc.). They make their analyses, findings and interreligious know-how accessible to the public by setting them up on their own website.